Neurosciences 1

The course: In this course, we study the biological foundations of human behavior and the relationship between the nervous system, behavior, and higher psychological activities.

Interest: Knowing the relationship between the brain and the mind is one of the pillars for understanding human behavior.


  • Pages: Students are responsible for reading the Neurosciences 1 pages and regularly check for changes or news. 
  • Visiting hours: Tue 12.30-13.30h; appointments should be booked by mail. 
  • Attendance:   Students are expected to attend classes regularly (> 70%).  More than 30% of unexcused absences (more than 6) from the lectures will result in course failure.

Some interesting links 

  • The Whole Brain: Here are brain atlases obtained through MRI or PET
  • Anatomist: Here you can see 2D and 3D brain sections and MRI images
  • Synaptic: Animation of the synthesis, release, and inactivation of neurotransmitters
  • Límbico: Scheme did by me in 1997 (I was based on a site that I can not find anymore)
  • Secret Life of the Brain:  Secrets, History and Anatomy of the Brain Anatomy in 3D
  • Neuroanatomy: Neuroanatomy tutorial
  • Animated Tutorials: Neurobiology animated tutorials